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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 


A London blogging meet up is scheduled for tomorrow night! So if you blog, or hell, just read this blog and like to drink, do come out.

Huw states:
the 8th of February, at 7pm at the Crown & Sceptre on Great Titchfield Street, in deepest Fitzrovia (BT Tower country). Great Portland Street or Oxford Circus are probably the best tubes for you. Or for anyone for that matter.


the first blog-meet i know of that's within my reach! unfortunately, although i do love the drink, i am completely skint this week. drink my share of whiskey, would you?

What is "skint"?

Means you're broke!

Stupid ocean in my way. Otherwise I would be there.

Yes... skint is broke, sadly, what I am right now...

i will be back in london in May/June time frame. will meet up then. if anyone wants too.


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