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Monday, June 28, 2004 


Finished FAFSA today, hurrah! So glad to be done, but definitely worried big time about money. They say I'll probably have to pay about $14k!! That's all I got!! I was hoping to save the mutual funds and stocks for when I was done with school and unemployed for real (although I've already decided I want to go to Australia, and hopefully find a post-doc to support me.) I don't know! I had a long talk with Dad this weekend, and he told me he'd help out when I needed, which was really nice to hear. I mean, I'd like to think I can do this on my own (am turning 27 next week)but that helps ease the stress that's been mounting. Like a gym membership. There's one on campus right? You think it would be for students? Noooo, it's not, and it's definitely like 350 quid a year. That's about $600!!! I pay $360 a year for my gym now, and I make a butt load of money! This city will break me I fear. Dad said he'd help with stuff like that. Which is like the exact opposite view from what my mom is taking. We'll see huh?

Also emailed the administrator that told me I was accepted and helped me with my housing application. Um, I haven't heard anything from you, Ruth Okine! Any idea when I should show up?? This is so not like American schools, they usually send you a huge welcome pack right off the bat. Here? Nada! Maybe I'm not enrolled anymore? Oh, that would be horrifying! But I talked to a really awesome girl who lives here now and went to King's in the 90s and she said they kind of wait for the previous semester to finish before they deal with the next. Which sounds a little odd, but that's one of the cultural difference I have to look forward to....

Housing is all taken care of by the way, should hear something mid Julyish..... God, these people move slow!!

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