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Saturday, June 26, 2004 

Don't know how to feel

Started the actual FAFSA today (fafsa.ed.gov) I definitely recommend doing the whole PIN/electronic sig deal; not only is it way faster, but you can also save as you go along, which I had to do tonight, as I got so hungry that the numbers started running together. Forgot to eat! Still not hungry, like normal hungry, but then when my body starts to shut down from lack of glucose I know it's noshing time.

Watched Apocalypse Now. Whoa. Never seen it before. Beautiful vision and amazing acting and serious war issues and all that.... But it also gave me the itch. I want to go to far off places like that. Imagine the heat, humidity, palms, smells, people, food, taste of the air.... I don't think a person is meant to live in one place their whole life. I want to go so badly now, even if it is only England, at least it's far off from here. I mean, didn't we descend from a nomadic people? Aren't we all nomads at heart? I feel that way. I can't spend all my days in Maryland, not when I know there are far more exotic locals on this Earth. Okay, time for bed. Time for beautiful Cambodian dreams, eating sticky rice and doing Tai Chi in the shade, making love in a bungalow with a straw roof.... At least I hope I get that, and not Martin Sheen in war paint coming after me with a machete!

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