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Friday, June 25, 2004 

Stem Cell Research

Sike! I'm not working on anything that trendy, cool, or significant! I have decided I'd like to work with cells though, which is completely different from anything I've ever done in my five years of professional pharmaceutical experience, and more towards what I worked on when I got my masters. Basically I'd like to find new ways to get drugs into cells, which means one day I'll find new ways to get drugs into you! So I think I'm branching out.

I'm studying like a sonofabitch. I'm reading everything I can get my hands on, I'm trying to hunt down every paper that my future advisors wrote, Dr. Ben Forbes and Dr. Marc Brown. I also started keeping a journal of my studies and ideas. It keeps track of what I've done so far in my own words. KCL recommends that grad students do that. Hey, you never know when you might have an original idea that you can patent, and you might have to prove how and when you came up with it. I hope that's the case for me! I still haven't picked exactly what I want to do. I wonder if the college has a problem with that?!?

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