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Saturday, June 19, 2004 


I forgot, when I was walking back to my car from this Indian joint, there were three cops cars who pulled over this one woman in a Benz. She was so obviously drunk and there's one big cop talking to her. I'm walking by and overhear this exchange despite the fact they sent rookie cop to make sure I didn't stray too close.

Drunk Woman: Well... *sways*
Big Cop: Ma'am, now I'm getting serious.
DW: You know what, you're a cocksucker (whispers the last word, but we all know how well drunks whisper)
BC: Keep that up, I don't want to have to cuff you.
DW: That's too bad... (lets it build) because you're... a... COCKSUCKER!
BC: (whips out his cuffs)

I was cracking up! She was priceless. I so wish I'd been with someone so I could have shared it!

Ah, but you did share it... with all of us lovely Internet visitors.

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