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Saturday, June 19, 2004 

I just don't know

What the hell I'm doing. I'm officially moving to King's College in London in three and a half months. I'm doing all this work, studying and filling out forms and research and FAFSA and all this noise, totally prepared to go. And I'm getting really excited, like really fucking excited where I can't sit still and I want to shout it to the world, and then tonight I go ahead and email this guy that I think is interesting. I promised myself I wouldn't do stuff this dumb anymore. I mean, nothings going to happen, he's merely interesting and I'm so bored. I miss Akash, it's like he's gone forever, and the time difference doesn't help. So hard to lose you best bud, I didn't actually think it'd be this bad. Am doing ok, but having him gone frees me in this peculiar way. It's nice to know he's missing me too. So what did I do by sending that email? Opened a can of worms probably, am such a bad girl. This blog stuff is weird, I am still getting used to it....

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