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Wednesday, June 23, 2004 


TV sucks, but it's nice to have on when you live alone I think. Mine's always on, in the background, usually muted. It gives the illusion of people in the apt. I get scared. I see a scary movie, no matter how dumb and I can't sleep. I saw Blair Witch, I thought there were witches outside. I saw Fellowship, I thought there were Orcs in the closet. I saw Signs, I thought there were aliens under the bed. I saw Dawn of the Dead and I thought there were zombies climbing up to my balcony. I would actually have conversations with myself! And not like, "Monica, there's no such thing as zombies." It was more like, "Monica, that's impossible, zombies can't climb walls, or else they would have gotten into the mall. It's only when they tried to leave the mall that they got eaten. So if you stay on the 8th floor you'll be safe. They can't climb up to the balcony. They're braindead!" That's how scared I get!

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