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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 

Damn Yankees

In honor of the Yankees getting brutally kicked out of the MLB postseason last night, I present a photo that was taken in my office not too long ago:

Me, walking into office and dropping something: Christopher!!
Chris: Wha??
Me: What on EARTH are you wearing?
Chris: Wha?? Huh?
Me: Seriously, where did you get that shirt?
Chris: Oh, this. Someone brought it back for me from Canada or something.
Me: Doesn't explain why you're wearing it! Do you even know who Jeter is?
Chris: Haven't a clue. Baseball, right? Is he a batter or a thrower?
Me (laughing): ahaha, he's a .... batter I guess. Everyone has to do a bit of throwing in baseball, but he's not a pitcher, who's the main thrower. He plays second base. But why, Chris, why him?
Chris: Why? Is he bad?
Me: Ohhhh, I hate that guy. No more Yankees shirts, not in my presence!

I actually toyed with the idea of starting a different blog where I would walk up to strangers wearing Yankees clothing (and UNC, the Yankees of university) and take their picture (if they'd allow it) and ask them to name one Yankees player, assuming they couldn't. But then I thought I might sound crazy, which I probably am. You just see so many of those shirts and hats here. I guess it has nothing to do with the team itself, but is more of an iconic American symbol, practically fashion if you will but.... Why them? I hate those guys!

I get into trouble a lot because I am a brit who went to UNC and I DO talk to people wearing Tar Heel paraphenalia. When I say "did you go to carolina?" they say "this is a UNC shirt love."

Imagine my surprise when I was in Galway, Ireland and saw a guy in a club there wearing a UNC shirt. I walked up to him and said, "Man, you shouldn't be wearing that shirt!" The girl with him, who was American, asked if I was a Duke fan... I told him if he wanted to wear a shirt from a North Carolina school he needed to wear a NC State Wolfpack shirt!

On a lighter note I did find a UNC knit/wool cap abandoned on the side of the road next to a cliff near Dingle Bay. I just hope the poor Irishman/woman who had owned it hadn't realized their mistake and thrown themselves off the cliff.

Dan R.
Go Wolfpack!

And when we were in Whitehall, we encountered an Asian man who spoke no English wearing a Washington Nationals shirt.

So, I keep seeing a girl at OSU that looks exactly like you... well, as best I can remember, I haven't seen you in a while. Anyway, you be the judge... separated at birth? http://web.engr.oregonstate.edu/~moffitt/notmonica/

Silly girl, you know Derek Jeter is a shortstop, not a second baseman. Ugh, you've been gone way too long.

Jeter is a shortstop, foolish child. Is all of your learning and experience for total nought?


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