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Thursday, December 16, 2004 


I knew that I was seriously missing the sun in London, but I had no idea how much. GOOD GOD it is bright here in Maryland. It burns my eyes! And look, the sun is out right now. Yes, there are actual rays of sunlight streaming into the house. The sun set today in London at 3:52. How depressing is that? I'm thankful that the days will be getting longer by the time I get back, but I don't know how many winters I can stand like this. How do you Londoners do it?

so, now that your home....when do we get to see you????


Maryland!... I love Maryland. I agree with your comments, but we get the longer summer evenings here and less humid, but I wish we had the fireflies! Nice blog even tho' it looks kinda familiar ;-)

aigh. if ye don't like ye ol' london, we suggest you walk the plank. so to the plank wit ya! argh.

We drink lots of beer, go shopping in Oxford Street like maniacs and go on holiday in Jan/Feb to hot places where we bake ourselves like lobsters on the beach.

You get used to the cold after a while; nothing beats a nice cosy night in with a hot chocolate, dvds and a duvet whilst the wind and rain lashes against your window. How people enjoy hot, humid, summer nights is beyond me.
This comment just confirm how British i am - complaining about hot weather is all we seem to do.


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