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Monday, July 09, 2007 


Ok, I'm back from the most decadent week ever, that was in honor of my 30th birthday (for example, Wednesday night was spent at Gordon Ramsey at Claridge's with a seven course, 4 hour meal. Oh, and I never in my life thought I would spend the Fourth of July with a Cornwallian and an Australian in a British restaurant that serves French food; no freedom fries for me!)

While I got some great gifts and stuff, what I am most thankful is England's present: we've finally gone smoke free!!!!!!! No more smoking in public, enclosed spaces. I am so happy. I think I'll be a lot more inclined to go out now, as places also should be less crowded. The same phenomenon happened the first time I went to California, everyone was standing outside smoking and the bars were comparatively empty inside. You could get a drink so quickly, extra bonus!

I hope it was so awesomely happy a birthday!! I miss you so much! Dude, you're like, THREE DECADES old now! I hope someday we'll be able to celebrate our birthdays together in person instead of via e-mail. Happy Birthday Sis!

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